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While Square Enix and Disney try to track down the source of various leaks tied to Kingdom Hearts III, their mere existence has forced the companies to launch some promotional materials, like the game's final trailer, a bit early.

In case you're worried about having things spoiled that shouldn't be before Kingdom Hearts III launches, I should note that the above clip is legitimate and comes from the game's YouTube page. Game Director Tetsuya Nomura announced earlier today that the game's "Final Battle" trailer was supposed to go live tomorrow but, presumably due to the fact that it's available elsewhere in an unofficial capacity, they decided to send it out into the wild a day early.

This is all tied to the fact that a bunch of information concerning Kingdom Hearts III, and potentially playable versions of the game, have been made available in recent days so, of course they're being shared all over the internet. Nomura even posted a message to social media saying that a "small portion" of the game is confirmed to be in circulation, along with an apology for that fact.

The announcement went on to encourage fans to do their best to avoid these types of leaks and, more importantly, not further their reach by sharing them through their own accounts. As he notes, Kingdom Hearts III launches for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Jan. 29, so it would be pretty cool if folks would just pump the breaks and let the game at least come out before slinging spoilers all over the place.

This is an especially noteworthy leak because it has taken Kingdom Hearts III so long to arrive, with a number of spinoffs filling the decade between mainline entries. With the game just a month away, it's pretty uncool to ruin the fun of others who just want to play the damn game to find out what happens next.

As for the trailer itself, it's a pretty rad showcase of what everyone can expect. We see a lot of familiar characters from throughout the series' history, all of whom will be coming together for this final chapter in the series. There are a bunch of cool action scenes featuring some of the unique mechanics that will be on display, all to the beat of a new song from series stable Utada Hikaru and mother-freaking Skrillex.

Sora and his pals will be going to a whole bunch of locations ripped from Disney properties once again in Kingdom Hearts III, returning to films like Hercules and Winnie the Pooh, as well as new locales previously shown off such as Frozen, Monster's Inc. and Big Hero 6.

One thing is for sure after watching this final trailer for the game: Kingdom Hearts III is going to be absolutely massive and boast a bunch of cool new mechanics and, yes, an extremely confusing plot. I'd say I can't wait to see how it all turns out but, after such a long development and with only a month left until the game launches, I absolutely can. So stop with the spoilers, folks!