Young Fortnite Player Has An Awesome Reaction To First Win

A battle in Fortnite.

The video games community is notorious for being a rather toxic place, but sometimes a seasoned Fortnite player helps a kid get their first victory and reminds us all that there's still some good in this world.

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The above clip comes from Twitter user Breww, a relative newcomer to the Fortnite streaming community. His YouTube channel only has a few videos posted at the moment, two of which are highlight reels he's put together from Epic's popular battle royale game.

The guy clearly has some skills and, based on the above tweet, he occasionally jumps into matches with randos to have some fun. During a recent match, Breww was partnered with a girl who informed him she had never won a match of Fortnite before. Breww promised her he'd help her get that first W and, as you can see from the brief clip, he absolutely delivered.

This serves as a nice reminder that not everybody online is an absolute monster. Games get a bad rap for sporting absolutely horrible online communities, and I'm not going to pretend a large part of that image isn't earned. But it's important to remember that good can come from gaming, too, which is why it's fun to stumble across clips like this from time to time.

Plenty of folks are playing games like Fortnite just trying to have a good time and some of them are just like Breww; totally willing to have fun with and teach the next generation of gamers.

The clip opens with Breww firing a shot at an opponent and his duo partner asking if he is okay, which is just adorable on about six different levels. The round ends shortly after with Breww and his pal earning the victory, to which she immediately shouts, "Thank you!" She thanks him a second time before saying, "Oh my gosh, I've got to tell my mom." She can then be heard in the background, presumably shouting to her mom, "Lookit!"

So, yeah, not to be too sappy or anything, but this seemed like a pretty solid reminder here at the start of 2019 that games are still pretty rad, and hopefully more folks will want to work on making that a more common occurrence as we head into this new year. I'm not saying we all need to go out there and find a kid to mentor, but clearly Breww just had a huge impact on that youngster and all he had to do was be nice. Something to keep in mind next time we hop into a round of Destiny or Madden or whatever you whippersnappers are playing these days.

Looking ahead for Fortnite, it'll be interesting to see how the game evolves in 2019, too. Legal dance battles aside, I'm looking forward to seeing how Epic tries to top its year of dominance in 2018.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.