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Facebook Bans Game Ad For Being Sexually Suggestive

Facebook has been cracking down on a lot of content that it deems problematic. The social media platform has come under fire in the past for hosting content that some people disagreed with. However, sometimes it doesn't even have to contain divisive opinions, explicit content, or graphic imagery. Devolver Digital found that out the hard way.

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The news was made via a tweet from the Devolver Digital Twitter account, where the company revealed that the launch trailer for Gris had to be pulled as an ad on Facebook because the social media giant labeled the ad as being "sexually suggestive."

The image they depict in the tweet showcases one of the game's many artistically flavorful images that blends a lot of different elements of transcendentalism with oneiric effects. The image in question shows the silhouette of a woman set against a bright moon, with flowing water coming out of her hand while a dark substance encapsulates her. Various buildings are splashed across the backdrop while a misty cloud moves through the foreground.

Prima facie, it's hard to see exactly what Facebook saw that made the ad worthy of a ban. In fact, majority of the Twitter thread features people claiming that they don't understand what was in the image that warranted the ban.

Someone suggested that Facebook uses an AI to filter out images deemed inappropriate, and that if Devolver would just re-appeal the process a human would step in and approve the ad. Well, apparently that didn't work because Devolver responded by saying that their appeal returned a response from Facebook saying that the ad still wasn't approved for publication on the platform.

Some gamers are still trying to figure out what part of the ad Facebook found "sexually suggestive." It's hard to figure out just by looking at the image, but maybe some people have a more interpretive approach to the image.

If you're unsure what the trailer was like that Facebook denied, you can actually view the full thing below.

There's absolutely nothing in the trailer that should be deemed as offensive since it contains no violence, and no nudity, and no foul language. It's a heck of a lot more tame than other games Devolver has published, such as Serious Sam or the Hotline Miami games.

For all intents and purposes, for example, YouTube finds the video to be perfectly fine.

Even still, it seems weird that a game like Gris would be denied an ad slot on Facebook. The game itself is a dream-like puzzle-platformer. It's been receiving a ton of positive feedback from critics and gamers alike. It's hard to think of another game like it, but it's similar in its tone to thatgamecompany's Journey while having somewhat of a similar color palette to Monument Valley.

The game is currently available for PC, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch. Surprisingly it isn't available for the PlayStation 4 yet, and obviously you won't be seeing any advertisements for the game on Facebook.

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