Fortnite's Latest Update Adds A New Sniper Rifle

Fortnite silenced sniper rifle

The latest update has dropped into Fortnite and, along with the usual collection of tweaks and bug fixes, Epic Games has added a new sniper rifle that is sure to make sneaky, no-good coward campers very, very happy.

News went live over on the Fortnite blog this week outlining update 7.10. Likely to draw the most attention from this particular patch is the inclusion of a new Suppressed Sniper Rifle. Much like PUBG and Blackout, managing noise is a big part of the Fortnite experience. Whether you're destroying a building, constructing a walkway or simply running across a field, your enemies can frequently hear you long before they can see you. Obviously, the same goes for when you're firing a weapon.

In Fortnite, sniper rifles are super loud and leave a trail that typically makes it easy for an opponent to figure out where you're hiding. A silenced sniper rifle, though, should give you a much better chance at getting the drop on your opponents without sending up a banner to let everyone know exactly where you are.

Now that this latest update is live, the new version of sniper rifles can be found out in the world, in chests, through vending machines and supply drops, and they come in both Epic and Legendary variants. In case you're curious, these bad boys are single shot, scoped weapons, so you better make each shot count. It's also worth noting that, on top of making the weapon more stealthy, that suppressor also means this new version of the sniper rifle does less damage than its noisy counterpart. If you're into stats, the suppressed sniper rifle does 100/105 base damage.

But while Epic giveth, Epic also taketh away. While the dual pistols have been unvaulted in this update, the six shooter is being locked away for the time being. The same goes for the uncommon, common and rare variants of the burst assault rifle, which were basically being ignored by most players due to how underwhelming they are compared to other options.

The dynamite drop rate in Fortnite's battle royale mode has also been reduced by 40 percent, while the Boom Box has undergone a trio of changes. The Boom Box can be used to break down surrounding structures, but it was perhaps a bit too effective and available in too high a quantity. Its drop rate has been reduced by 33 percent, its health has reduced from 600 to 400 and it only lasts 18 seconds, compared to the initial 25.

But, this is Fortnite we're talking about, so this will only be the "norm" for a limited time. One of the game's greatest strengths is that Epic keeps changing things up, so weapons move in and out of the vault, stats get shuffled and new items pop up from time to time. It helps keep things fresh and makes mastering the game a rewarding experience.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.