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2BeeGames Indie Game Competition Offers Up $10,000 Prize

A lot of aspiring game designers would love to catch their big break without the hassle of actually designing a decade worth of material just to get hired in by a mid-tier development team at of the many EA studios. 2BeeGames is offering independent developers a chance at $10,000 and an opportunity to have the selected game published on multiple platforms. Sounds like a “can’t miss opportunity” if you ask me.

According to the press release…

In addition to the second Indie Game Competition, is hosting an “8 Weeks In 8-Bit” contest, where gaming fans are encouraged to submit original works of art inspired by the 8-bit gaming era. The first week of the contest called for gamers to create and submit the ultimate “8-bit Hero,” and the winning designs are up for display on today. There will be a new theme for each week of the contest, with eight different opportunities to win great prizes from “8 Weeks In 8-Bit” sponsor, GamersGate.

If you have the creative chops and developmental guts to pull out an exciting new game between now and September 15th then it could be on the receiving end of free publicity, $10,000 and a publishing contract when submissions are looked over and judged come November 3rd.

Full details, rules and registration information can be viewed at the Official Website. And just think, your game could be the new Ken’s Labyrinth or Commander Keen. For more gaming news, updates and media, be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.