If you've been anxiously awaiting the new 3DMark 11 Directx 11 benchmarking tool for DX11 graphics cards, well…there’s been a slight delay. The good news is that the delay is only by a few days and a new release date is being ironed out as you read this.

Futuremark Studio’s marketing team sent out word that the delay was necessary for the quality of the product to be kept intact. In fact, unlike all those other big publishers out there that toss out a product and then release post-release patches to fix glaringly obvious bugs, Futuremark wanted to do just the opposite, stating in the press release that…
Our aim is that 3DMark 11 should provide accurate, reliable and consistent results from the start. With that goal in mind we are taking some extra time now to fix a couple of difficult bugs rather than patching the benchmark immediately after launch.

Sounds good to me. Gamers who already have the latest in the GeForce GTX series can pay a visit to the Official Futuremark Studio Website to learn more about 3DMark 11.

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