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It’s hard to believe, but there are still folks out there who don’t actually own a 3DS. Given the console’s lifetime sales figures, that almost seems mathematically impossible. But those rare gaming unicorns do exist and, according to a recent rumor, Nintendo may be planning to correct that fact with an impending price drop for the hardware.

This news is coming to us from Shack News, who stumbled upon a rumor that the 3DS may see a price drop during the holiday season 2016. That’s still a ways off at this point, but important information if you have been kicking around the idea of picking up Nintendo’s portable device. The rumor comes from a supposed internal document being circulated around Nintendo of America that a large number of employees saw and, apparently, a couple are whispering about.

The Nintendo 3DS first took handheld gaming into a new dimension only about five years ago. The fact that it boasted new functionality, as well as the ability to play the hugely popular library of standard DS titles, made it seem like an obvious bit of lightening in a bottle for the Big N. That didn’t turn out to be the case initially, though, as a small library of new titles and sluggish support from Nintendo made for a rough couple of years for the console.

Once some big-name titles finally hit the console, though, the 3DS was off and running and hasn’t really slowed down. Games like Animal Crossing: A New Leaf, Super Smash Bros. and a smattering of other stellar first party titles finally made the console a must-have.

Still, some gamers have resisted and, despite the launch of the hugely successful new Fire Emblem game, a Final Fantasy or two and upcoming titles like Bravely Second, they remain firmly on the other side of the fence.

Looking to the holiday 2016 season, Nintendo has two Dragon Quest games lined up and, if this morning’s rumors are to be believed, a new Pokemon game may also be in the hopper. Couple that with a potential release of the Nintendo NX, and this fall/winter could be huge for Nintendo. Now imagine all of that, plus the continued success of amiibo, and throw in a price drop for the 3DS for good measure. Seems like a smart move for Nintendo, yeah?

The only questions left to answer are whether or not this price drop is legit and, if so, will it be for the OG 3DS, the New 3DS, or perhaps both. We wouldn’t be too surprised to see the new model get a price drop, as the lack of games that make it a necessity haven’t exactly spurred on sales. But if you’re going to drop that one, you’d almost have to drop the standard model’s price so that they aren’t in the same ballpark. I guess we’ll just have to wait for official word from Nintendo on this one.