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Konami's 3DS puzzle game Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights will miss its intended November release date. The good doctor will still arrive this holiday season, though.

Joystiq reports that the game's been delayed from November 13th to December 6th. Konami apparently announced this delay via e-mail. Retailers now show the new release date as well.

Doctor Lautrec is a puzzle game set in the late 19th century. Players control Doctor Jean-Pierre Lautrec, a renowned archeologist living in Paris. He and his assistant Sophie are tracking down a hidden treasure of King Louis XIV. While searching for the treasure, they must also contend with criminals and a secretive order known as the Knights of the Iron Mask. Both of these groups hope to claim the Louis XIV's stash for themselves.

Though Lautrec looks a whole lot like Professor Layton, Level-5 didn't have anything to do with it. Zone of the Enders Noriaki Okamura wrote, directed, produced, and designed the game. He has said that Lautrec was inspired by Layton, though, so expect a similar gaming experience.