Valve has finally established what they've labeled as the Steam Universe. It's a collection of hardware, software and innovative new ideas that Valve will put into motion this November. Some of the devices are already priced and prepped for the consumer market, while other devices are still a bit more mysterious.

Nevertheless, with the Steam Link, Steam Machines, SteamVR and Steam Controller all set to launch this fall, it only makes sense to take a look at some of the hardware that could have an effect on the console gaming ring and change certain aspects of it, if Valve can mobilize their 125 million or so users to help shift the market away from big three console manufacturers. So here's a list of the 5 ways that the new Steam Universe could change console gaming.
Steam Link's Home Gaming Network
Home consoles are just starting to really get into game streaming... and by game streaming, I mean being able to play games with various devices from around the house. Sony is already dabbling in it with PlayStation TV and the PS Vita, and Microsoft is trying their hand at with Windows 10 and a bit of SmartGlass. Nintendo has a soft version of this with the ability to play off-screen with the GamePad for the Wii U. However, the crazy part about Steam Link is that it's a mini-console with controller support that allows you access to your Steam game library from any television or monitor in the house, sporting support for up to 1080p, for only $49.99.

What's more is that having access to your Steam account also enables you access to your Steam library's movie content, music and mods. It's almost like a portable all-in-one system that can access content from either an active desktop, laptop or Steam Machine. The versatility of the device could prompt Sony to push PSTV or Remote Play a step further in compatibility, have Microsoft seek more inexpensive routes for in-home streaming and possibly get Nintendo to explore long-range portability of home console gaming.

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