Combining the voxel-block building of Minecraft and the run-and-gun teamplay of Team Fortress 2, Ace of Spades is a new breed of gaming that combines creativity with firrst-person shooting carnage. Given the game's unique take on the emergent genre, it easily garnered more than 500,000 registered members of the gaming community willing to participate in mind and body.

Arash Amini, Producer of Ace of Spades, commented in the press release about the game's massive success before it can even be counted as a success, saying...
“Reaching half a million registrations in such a short period of time is incredible and a real testament to both the quality of the game we have produced and the commitment and loyalty of the Ace of Spades community,”... “The game has achieved unprecedented levels of popularity and it is great to see so many players pre-register so quickly. We are all go for tomorrow and are confident that the game will be a massive hit this Christmas.”

The game will launch on December 12th, tomorrow. Gamers can register right now to get in on the action.

The game itself features all of the digging and building capabilities present in titles like Minecraft or Guncraft, enabling players to dig, mine and shovel their way to victory. The biggest difference is that Ace of Spades is class based, so teamwork is an essential element for victory while you build and shoot your way out of tough spots. I'm definitely interested to see how the game will play out given its divergence from the tried and true formula of competitive PVP-style gameplay ever-so-present in just about all the other free-to-play cash-in titles out there.

You can learn more about the character classes, the building and the shooting over at the Official Ace of Spades Website. And remember, the game launches tomorrow so don't be late and don't forget. Voxel-based, block-building is counting on you!

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