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A batch of 15 new indie games have been greenlit for Steam. This new group of Steam Greenlight successes will allow players to take on a variety of colorful professions, such as space station janitor or a friendly neighborhood ghost.

Viscera Cleanup Detail takes place on a space station in the distant future. The player is the poor bastard who has to clean up the place after a battle against an alien species. They'll mop up blood, pick up stray bullets and incinerate stray organs. The game is currently in alpha and is missing some key features like, um, an objective. The developers are planning to create a multiplayer component soon as well.

Orthogonal Games's The Novelist is on the opposite end of the silly/serious spectrum. Players take on the role of a ghost haunting a coastal summer home. They'll watch a struggling novelist and his family and subtly influence their behavior. Their lives will change depending on the choices you make. The branching story should encourage players to replay the game multiple times.

7 Days to Die is a open-world zombie game dripping with ambition. Players will scavenge for supplies and fend off zombies in a post-apocalyptic Arizona. They can also craft items or build fortifications to add in their struggle for survival. Considering how hot emergent gameplay, zombies and Minecraft are these days, is anyone shocked that 7 Days got Greenlit?

Here's the full list of Greenlit games this weekend: The Steam Greenlight announcement says that the games were chosen based on a variety of factors. In addition to Greenlight votes by the community, Valve also considered press reviews, awards, successful crowd-funding campaigns and more.

"As with past batches, these titles will be released independently in the weeks or months ahead, as they complete development and integrate with any of the Steamworks features they are interested in utilizing."

These latest selections bring the total number of Greenlit games up to 160. That's only a small percentage of the number of games vying for Steam release, though. We've been doing our best to report on the most interesting Greenlight submissions we see out there but it's a task that requires many eyes. If you spot a game that you're really excited about, or you're a developer really proud of your handiwork, let us know.

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