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Fun Pimps' zombie game 7 Days to Die has returned to Steam. The title's Greenlight page was removed for several days due to a legal dispute between Fun Pimps and Killing Floor developer Tripwire Interactive.

You can read the full blow-by-blow of the drama here. The basic gyst is that Fun Pimps bought a character model off the Unity Store that was actually stolen from Killing Floor. Tripwire contacted the other studio and tried to get them to remove the asset. When Fun Pimps didn't comply with the request, Tripwire filed a takedown notice with Steam.

When we last reported on the situation, Fun Pimps was working on a patch to take the stolen asset out of the game. The return of 7 Days' Steam Greenlight page suggests that they've made the necessary fixes.

7 Days To Die takes place in Navezgane County of Arizona after a World War. An unknown virus has turned many of the war's survivors into zombies. As one of the few remaining uninfected, the player must investigate the outbreak while keeping the zombies at bay.

Players can explore the game's open world and scavenge items and raw materials. They can also mine ore from deposits throughout the countryside. With these items in hand, they'll craft complex equipment such as autoturrets, landmines and potions to aid their survival.

7 Days is voxel-based like Minecraft so players can freely alter the environment. They can use explosives to tear chunks out of buildings or terrain. Players are also able to build structures to keep zombies at bay during the night when they're at their most ferocious.

It's distressing that Fun Pimps let the situation with Tripwire go as far as it did. It seems like that whole conflict could've been avoided pretty easily. Now that they've apparently put that issue behind them, though, they can go back to finishing up 7 Days. Even without legal distractions, they've got their work ahead of them to finish up such a hugely ambitious project.

7 Days To Die is currently in alpha. Though the game's been greenlit for Steam, the alpha version isn't available to purchase through that platform yet. Instead, you have to buy the game through 7 Days' website or have contributed to the Kickstarter campaign.

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