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There’s no better way to stay relevant in the press circuit than to make a game for a system that died due to piracy. Nevertheless, indie company RedSpotGames is moving forward with their DreamCast release of the multiplayer arcade game, Rush Rush Rally Racing. The company also announced that they have a deluxe edition ready for pre-order and even if you already pre-ordered the regular game you can have it switched over for the limited edition.

According to the press release…
All customers who preordered the regular version at the redspotgames online shop are still able to change to the "Deluxe Edition" if wanted. The regular edition will still hit the shelves by the end of October, while the limited "Deluxe Edition" will be released in November 2009.

For those of you who are baffled as to why this DreamCast game is even being made, feel free to check out the original news post when RedSpot debuted the game and its trailer a short while ago. The game is basically an overhead arcade racer for multiple players with the old retro feel to it.

You can visit the Official Website for more details on the Deluxe edition of Rush Rush Rally Racing, and remember to stay tuned in with Blend Games for further news, updates, insight and media regarding all things gaming.

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