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Next week Sega will release Total War: Shogun 2. Digital games store Steam is running a couple promotions leading up to the game's launch.

From now until March 14th at 10am PST, Steam will be offering the Total War Collection at a 50% discount. The Collection includes Total War: SHOGUN 2, Napoleon: Total War Imperial Edition, Empire: Total War, Medieval II: Total War, and Rome: Total War Gold. While the deal is in play, you can pick this bundle up for $64.99.

To make sure you don't forget Shogun 2's on the way, eight new Shogun-themed items are now available in Team Fortress 2. You can buy them through the Mann Co. Store or earn them through crafting or in-game drops. If that all sounds too taxing to you, you can get the items automatically by pre-ordering Shogun 2.

Shogun 2 will be released on March 15th worldwide for the PC. As you'd expect from the promotional blitz, Shogun 2 will feature Steamworks support.

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