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Firaxis will be releasing two more downloadable content packs for Civilization V next week. The Denmark Civilization and Scenario Pack and Explorers Map Pack will be available on May 3rd.

The Denmark pack adds the Denmark Civilization and their ruler, the 10th century king Harald Bluetooth. Also included is a scenario called "1066: Year of Viking Destiny." In this scenario, four different playable factions with unique units fight for control of the British Isles. This isn't just a test of brute force, though; you must complete the Domesday Book in order to secure legal rule of the islands.

The Explorers Map Pack adds ten single-player maps to the game. Five are based on real-world locations. The other half of the pack is made up of scripted environments which will change from game to game. The Amazon, Caribbean, and Bering Strait are among the locations featured in the pack.

In the U.S., each DLC pack will cost $4.99. You can also purchase them in a bundle for $7.49.