9Dragons Getting Re-Released, Again, By GamersFirst

Some gamers may not remember 9Dragons all that well, but it’s an MMO with a long history of being picked up, abandoned, picked up and abandoned. Well, GamersFirst will try their hand with the MMO that seems to have been dumped more times than Fox canceling Family Guy.

Tracy Spaight, Executive Director of Publishing for GamersFirst commented in the press release about the game, saying…

“9Dragons is the most authentic Martial Arts MMO on the market with a very active and fun community,”… “INDY21 clearly made significant investments in best-in-class resources to create this stunning Martial Arts MMO.”

I don’t know about the most “authentic martial arts MMO” out there, but from what I remember before it was dumped by Acclaim, it did have some moderate combat functionality about it that strayed only slightly from the rest of the martial arts MMO herd. It’ll be tough for a game like that to enter into the arena, though, with Perfect World Entertainment’s astoundingly competent Heroes of the Three Kingdoms.

Anyway, 9Dragons is expected to go live under the GamersFirst MMO portal starting in September. In addition to being picked up by the free-to-play publisher, a couple of new features and functions will also be added to enhance the gameplay. Gamers can check out the updated features below or visit the Official Website to learn more about 9Dragons.

9Dragons Features:

• Dedicated tutorial map for easing new players into the 9Dragons experience

• New high level dungeon encounter “Vault of the Ice Dragon”

• Updated “Tibet” map

• Brand new Kung Fu patterns to master

• ‘Most Wanted’ list – useful in avoiding—or becoming—one of the most dangerous and skilled players in PvP

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.