Death Stranding's E3 Trailer Contained A Strange Hidden Message
Gaming Disorder Has Been Officially Recognized As A Mental Health Condition

Can gaming become an addiction? According to the World Health Organization, the answer is yes. That question has been debated and studied for years now but, until very recently, the WHO has never officially weighed in on the matter. That ended with the release of the most recent edition of the International Classification of Diseases, which pegs "gaming disorder" as a legitimate diagnosis. But don't worry. Playing a metric ton of Fortnite isn't enough to get you labeled with the condition.

WWE 2K19 Reveals AJ Styles On The Cover, Special Edition Details

WWE is keeping with the new-found tradition of having a current, active member of the roster as the cover athlete, which is rather evident by the fact that the current WWE Champion, AJ Styles, was selected to be on the front of the box for this year's WWE 2K19.

Starlink: Battle For Atlas Aims To Scratch That Star Fox Itch

Ubisoft is set to launch itself into the toys-to-life market this fall with Starlink: Battle for Atlas, a game that lets you build your dream ship before journeying into the stars to explore new worlds, scan unknown lifeforms and blast alien threats to smithereens. The game pretty much feels like a spiritual successor to Star Fox, something the developers have decided to lean into. In fact, if you play the game on the Nintendo Switch, you can even grab exclusive figures featuring Fox McCloud and his trademark Arwing ship.

Pokemon Go Finally Adds Trading

Two years after Pokemon Go first took the world of mobile gaming by storm, social features are finally making an appearance. From keeping track of friends to trading Pokemon and in-game gifts, players will finally have more meaningful ways to interact. So, be sure to be nice to anyone you happen to run into while playing, because you never know what illusive critter they may be willing to send your way.

Insomniac's Spider-Man Is Set To Join The Marvel Universe

A lot of studios and companies would probably love to get in on Marvel's properties, and Insomniac Games has been lucky enough to be one of those studios. In fact, Insomniac's upcoming Marvel's Spider-Man is actually set to join the Marvel Universe in another big way.

When You Can Expect To Play Beyond Good And Evil 2

With small tidbits of gameplay spread out here and there through developer diaries and production videos, a lot of gamers are wondering when they'll actually be able to play Ubisoft's Beyond Good and Evil 2 for home consoles and PC?

E3's Coolest Products Are Coming To Gamestop

Every year peripheral manufacturers unleash their own slate of awesome new products and gadgets for gamers to consume. Well, it turns out that you won't actually have to wait long for some of the gadgets and products on display at this year's E3, because they're all coming soon to GameStop.

Spider-Man PS4 Features Avengers Tower, Will There Be More Connections?

If you were excited about the game before, there's reason to get even more excited now that there are hints that Marvel's Spider-Man has a slight connection to the Avengers with a huge Easter Egg that gamers spotted during E3.

Some Game Companies Vow To Remove Controversial Analytics App

Many gamers who discovered that they've been run through the privacy data wringer and that a company known as RedShell has been gathering a lot more data about them than they thought possible. Thankfully some developers have vowed to remove the RedShell tracking software.

Mega Man 11 Gives The Series Some Surprising Upgrades

Mega Man 11 is rushing toward a fall launch and, rather than simply give players another collection of eight stages to leap through and eight Robot Masters to blast into tiny pieces, Capcom has decided to take things a step further and introduce a couple new mechanics to the beloved franchise. That's a daring move considering the game's history but, based on what I played during E3 2018, it might actually pay off in a big way.

How Resident Evil 2 Reanimates Classic Survival Horror

When Resident Evil 2 launched 20 years ago, it scared the daylights out of an entire generation of gamers while simultaneously creating a template for the survival horror genre.

Rockstar Released Three New Backward Compatible Games For Xbox One

Rockstar Games recently announced that three new games have been added to the ever-growing list of backwards compatible games for the Xbox One family of systems, enabling those of you with an Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X to get in on the action.

Grim Fandango Remastered Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

This is the first time that Grim Fandango Remastered is coming to the Nintendo Switch, and gamers looking for some portable fun and comedic laughs while they carry around the Switch will be able to find it.

Microsoft Wants To Get The Adaptive Controller On Other Consoles

Microsoft feels as if the other consoles could also use the Adaptive Controller and wants to find a way to get it into the hands of Nintendo and PlayStation gamers as well.

Super Mario Party On Nintendo Switch Is Coming To Ruin Your Friendships

Nintendo likes to bill Mario Party games as a way to bring friends together for some wholesome, competitive competition; but anyone who has played the series knows that those "friendly" sessions can quickly turn into bitter rivalries.

How Ghost of Tsushima Was Inspired By Samurai Movies

One of the four games that served as the focus for PlayStation's E3 2018 showcase, Ghost of Tsushima earned a lot of buzz for its beautiful setting, tense battles and dramatic moments.

Elder Scrolls VI Officially Announced

The announcement kind of came out of nowhere as game director Todd Howard was giving gamers a glimpse into Bethesda's future with Starfield, but plenty of people were excited to learn that, yes, The Elder Scrolls VI is coming.

All Of The New Features Coming To Hitman 2

When Hitman 2 launches this fall, players will once again take on the role of Agent 47, the titular contract killer who can turn just about any-damn-thing into a deadly weapon. We got to go hands-on with one of the game's missions during E3 2018, as well as have a chat with Io Interactive Executive Producer, Markus Friedl, about what's being carried over from the last Hitman outing and, more importantly, what things will be changing.

Doom Eternal Is The Follow Up To Bethesda's Massive Hit

Bethesda figured it was time to pay a little mind to the people who wanted more of the Doom Guy's adventures, and so, during the E3 press conference, the company announced that the 2016 iteration of Doom would be receiving a sequel, aptly named Doom: Eternal.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Will See The Return of Solid Snake's Original Voice

One big surprise coming out of this year's E3 is that the original voice actor for Solid Snake, David Hayter, is returning to voice the character in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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