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Heading back to school? Need a laptop that is the envy of all your school mates? Need something that can power through Crysis 3 like a train cutting through a bus on railroad tracks? Well, AMD and MSI have a solution for you with the MSI GX70 gaming laptop.

AMD sent out a reminder that the GX70 is currently available for purchase. The laptop carries a 17” full-on HD screen with anti-glare technology and 1920x1080 resolution so you can brag about running the latest and greatest games in 1080p at 60fps.

As noted on AMD's community blog...
The MSI GX70 is the perfect combination of power and portability. If you need next generation features, extreme gaming performance, and extended battery life - then the MSI GX70 should be on your short list.

The GX70 sports the new A10 series quad core processor, the high-end AMD Radeon 8970M mobile graphics processing unit, as well as full support for AMD's Eyefinity multidisplay technology support.

Given MSI's connection with Killer, as previously announced, the gaming laptop also comes fully equipped with Killer Technology's wireless network card for full-on high-speed transfer and receive rates for those of you who do a lot of downloading and do a lot of upload streaming as well.

The laptop originally launched in August just before the school season got back into full gear, but it was buried under a lot of the other news circulating the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, quite naturally.

GamesCom basically busted through the news circuits and gave gamers a ton of reasons to be excited about the next generation of gaming, and it didn't really include gaming laptops.

However, with many of the major gaming trade shows now behind (save for the upcoming Tokyo Game Show), it's almost time to focus solely on the launch of some of the biggest games of the season set to hit retail shelves just before the year-end holidays get fully underway.

AMD and MSI are hoping to capture some of the gaming audience with their mobile offering, which comes jam packed with their new 8970M GPU. Whether or not gamers will want to spend $1,300 on a gaming laptop as opposed to just spending $250 or so bucks on Nvidia's Project Shield for their gaming needs depends on the gamer, their needs and what they want for the price of admission. Then again, at the $1,3000 mark I imagine it's not too far fetched to just get an Alienware gaming laptop instead.

Anyway, if you're really into AMD and you want to show some brand loyalty, you can pick up the AMD MSI GX70 right now from a number of participating retailers and e-tailers, including Newegg, Tigerdirect, Fry's, Amazon or Best Buy.

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