New weapons, new contacts, new items, new skills, new modifiers and lots of new content fill out APB: Reloaded version 1.10.0. The hefty new update contains more than 680MB of data and will introduce players to two key contacts who will enable the most hardcore to level from rank 215 to 235.

The new weapon is called the Obeya Oscar and fires two-shots at rapid pace. Medium recoil and sleek design with compatibility with the various weapon skins makes it a viable weapon for anyone. In addition to this is the 8-ball and brick weapons to replace grenades. If you want, you can lob these pick-ups at opponents for instant kills. Check it out in the video below.

Even more than that (and yes, somehow there is more) the ability to car-surf has been added so now you can turn your Han Veo into moving tank if you decide to equip the OSMAW rocket launcher.

There are a ton of other features and updates included in APB: Reloaded version 10 but I'm not writing a lexicon of gameplay features here. Be sure to pay a visit to the Official APB Reloaded Website to learn more or grab a free copy off Steam to start playing the game right now.

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