APB Reloaded Matchmaking System Overhauled

GamersFirst has been keeping the community up to date on the progress of their version of All Points Bulletin, the open-world MMO action game. G1 has given the game a more MMORPG structure, especially in regards to the matchmaking system, which is being re-worked so newbs (and noobs) don’t get pwned into a pulp too badly in early missions.

If there’s been one complaint throughout both versions of APB, it’s that the matchmaking is uneven. The skill system is ranked by “Threat” and unfortunately the “Threat” system is/was ranked by wins and loses and not necessarily the skill exhibited to secure a win or embrace a loss.

GamersFirst has overhauled the mechanic so when APB: Reloaded heads into open beta there will be measures set into place to ensure that players who can pick off opponents with three fresh shots while hanging out of the window of a sports car going over 60mph will less-than-likely be matched up against a noob who doesn’t know the difference between a JG and a NFAS.

There are also talks of district-matchmaking, so gamers of specific skill levels can level-up, earn perks and complete missions with other players around their skill level as opposed to low-levels and high-levels being in the same district. There is, of course, still going to be options available so players of any skill level can join an open-district.

APB Reloaded is expected to head into open beta sometime before the second quarter of this year. For more info and updates on the progress G1 is making with APB Reloaded, be sure to visit the Official Website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.