An indie game made within Crytek's CryEngine SDK for the CryEngine 3 called Abduction is making the rounds on the interwebs. The game is basically a first person version of what the first three Splinter Cell games were like. Light and shadows play a big part in the overall presentation of the game.

Thief fans will probably feel right at home with the gameplay mechanics and pacing of Abduction, given that the game relies more on wit and cunning than the new-school iron-sights or quick-scoping. The gameplay video below shows off early designs of the game and how effective the stealth mechanics really are. Check it out below.

Hmm, yet another game not made on a $10 million dollar budget and still looks cool and has some interesting gameplay. Someone should hire this fellow, ASAP!

According to DSO Gaming, the game is being designed by modder Dark12345. It was part of DSO's weekly CryEngine media blowout.

Not much more info is available for the project but hopefully it comes to full fruition and I'd love to see what a finished version would play like.

If you have some crazy ideas you'd like to see brought to life, all it takes is a little time, a lot of patience and plenty of creativity.

Feel free to learn more or grab a free copy of the CryEngine SDK by visiting the Official CryEngine Website.

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