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91's upcoming free-to-play, first/third-person shooter Absolute Force Online sports detailed character customization for male or female characters, intense PVP combat and tons of different weapons in which to lay waste to your opponents. 91 released a new trailer for AFO sporting more than eight minutes of actual gameplay.

The video does a fine job of not only running down details on the character customization and the variety inherit right out of the gate – to which I must admit that they did a good job offering up tons of options – but they also showcase the game's combat, maps, kill combos and specials. Check it out below.

I'm a little torn on this game and it's hard for me to say whether it'll be good one way or another. The trouble with the video is that it looks like there's no “iron-sights” or zoom in, but rather that the combat takes place from hip-shooting, which isn't necessarily that bad. Hip-shooting and iron-sights play alternating roles in APB: Reloaded so there's a measure of customizing the experience to suit your play-style. It'll be interesting to see how this works with AFO.

The game is set to enter the first phase of closed-beta testing on November 14th, and you can sign up to participate in the beta right now by visiting the Official AFO Website.