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Absolute Force Online has entered beta and is rocking the public domain. However, those of you who haven't tried the game out yet but would like to get in on the action can do so right now with the added bonus of gaining access to special weapons with our very own AFO weapon pack giveaway.

The weapon pack includes the M4 5.56mm carbine, the M1911 U.S. Marine Corps pistol and the M24 grenade from World War II. You'll need to act fast as the giveaway ends on the 20th of February, later this month. If you don't make an account and retrieve the codes before that time then it expires and you'll be stuck with noob gear when you first create a character and no one wants to start a game with noob gear.

For those wondering what Absolute Force Online is, basically it's a third-person shooter set within various deathmatch arenas. The game has a lot of similarities to APB: Reloaded but without the vehicles or the deep character customization. Nevertheless, if you're looking for a cops versus robbers free-to-play shooter, AFO is ripe and ready for competitive play.

Now on to the juicy parts. Redeeming the code(s) is pretty simple and only one code per account will be accessible.

1.) Check out our Facebook Page to grab a code. We'll be handing them out periodically.

2.) Register an account over on the AFO Event Page, download and install the client and create your character.

3.) Use the code supplied from our Facebook page on the Event Page to retrieve the cash shop goodies. Bam, you're done! Enjoy your guns.