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Net Dragon Websoft has announced that their third-person online shooter, Absolute Force Online, will officially head into open beta before the end of the month. In fact, the game will go live as soon as the middle part of December on the 17th.

As stated in the press release laying down the official timetable of the release...
Since the successful launch of the closed beta on November 14th, currently there are over 10,000 players enjoying Absolute Force Online. The AFO Development team has been happily overwhelmed with all the feedback from current players. The feedback has been taken seriously and changes will be implemented into the game according to the player's requests during the open beta.

AFO focuses on standard competitive PVP gameplay with a lot of different weapons and maps available for various game modes.
I got in a little bit of playtime with this game and I must say it's pretty much 100% standard-fare. While the aesthetic comes across as a bit of a APB: Reloaded clone, there customization features are a lot more limited.

Still, if you don't have a PC up to snuff to run APB: Reloaded (and admittedly, the game can be terribly demanding on your hardware) AFO could be considered as a moderate alternative.

You can look for Absolute Force Online to go live and head into open beta before 2012 is out, starting December 17th. For more information on the game or the option to register an account and participate in OBT, feel free to pay a visit to the game's Official Website.