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Many of us have sometimes wondered what it would be like to star in your own video game. In my case if I had to star in Silent Hill, I’m not sure I could look at life the same way again. And sometimes these games have some very difficult moments riddled with kaizo traps—which, of course, leads to the ultimate showcase of raging. But in the case of the couple in the below video, video gaming kaizo traps became a matter of life and death, bringing them closer together in the end.

Titled Kaizo Trap, the term is used in video gaming to describe a moment after you’ve beaten a very difficult challenge, only to be dicked over at the very last second. A kaizo trap can occur after beating a difficult boss or beating a difficult level. For example, in Ghouls N’ Ghosts, after you’ve played through the entire game and you reach the end, you are only met with the information that you have to play through the entire game again, only at a much higher difficulty with stronger enemies.

As you can probably tell, the studio behind the film, Guy Collins Animation, are huge video game fans because there are references littered throughout the entire short. The opening level is a direct reference to Sonic The Hedgehog because of the familiar level design, but the jumping of the character is straight out of Super Meat Boy.

Guy Collins is an animator from Western Australia and creates animated videos for a living. He’s worked on the popular web series, Raised By Zombies, where he created Season 1 and 2. The very first episode of Season 1 has over a million views, while none of his Raised By Zombie episodes have less than 100,000 views.

The short film has a strong narrative and a fearless heroine who all-too-well documents the struggles of gamers when battling difficult moments in video games. I know I can relate when I was faced with the difficult task of beating Ghouls N’ Ghosts all over again. What were some of your most horrid moments after defeating a difficult part of a video game? Let us know in the comments below.

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