A new expansion for Funcom's Age of Conan: Unchained has launched called the Secrets of Dragon Spine. It's a brand new location for premium players of the game and it introduces new high level locations, new enemies, new powers, new weapons, new armor and some of the baddest looking bad guys you've ever seen in a steel-aged MMORPG.

To commemorate the launch of the new expansion, Funcom has unleashed a new trailer that covers the basics of the Dragon Spine's adventures, including some of the highly detailed environments and remarkably designed mobs. Check it out below.

I really liked Age of Conan...the combat system was unique and offered up a nice alternative to the standard MMO mechanics, and the aesthetics, themes and lore were really fleshed out, giving the game a lot of creative gravitas, something that many other MMOs lack. The other thing that was well done was that unlike other MMOs the Age of Conan had properly scaled environments instead of areas designed for giants...it's one of the things that stays consistent even with new expansion packs like the Secrets of Dragon Spine.

While Funcom has implemented a partial free-to-play system into Age of Conan, the game isn't truly free-to-play and neither is the Secrets of Dragon Spine. If you're willing to churn out some green for the game then you can enjoy all that it has to offer. To learn more feel free to visit the Official Website.

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