There's a new game made available to Canadians (and soon for Americans) called Age of Warriors. It landed on the iTunes app store very recently and brings with it the same kind of free-to-play, microtransaction-fueled gameplay many gamers have come to love and adore... well, those of you who don't know what some companies do when they have an opportunity to pilfer your pockets with microtransactions and in-app purchases.

Unlike news posts based on some press releases, it's sometimes better to get an idea of exactly what the game is like by actually seeing it in action. For that, it's always possible to turn to YouTube to get an idea of what to expect from the game... and for an entire hour, you can see how Age of Warriors plays out in the YouTube video below.

You'll spend a good 15 minutes doing the basic strategy game diplomacy before you can get to the good stuff... the prime stuff... the combat.

If patience is a virtue you left at the door of a house called “Things I don't possess” then you might want to click on the little time bar at the bottom of the video and fast-forward to the 16 minute mark to scope out the combat mechanics of Age of Warriors. It's a little bit like random monster encounters meets lane-based real-time strategy.

Players, of course, have a bit of control as to how well their warrior(s) fares in battle by equipping them with various skills, weapons and armor.

The game is steeped in an inordinate amount of micromanagement for a mobile title. I can't really say whether or not that's good, as I particularly like games with a lot of micromanagement options, but only when it feels like they aren't artificial stat buffers, but instead can actually modify the way victory or defeat is handled because the micromanagement matters (e.g., X-Com, Incubation, Total War, etc.,)

There's an additional gameplay video here, definitely shorter but a bit more to the point if you wanted to check it out.

Now, there is one very positive silver lining to all of this – especially those of you who have never warmed up well to mobile titles – there are free gems being handed by Funcell 123 for those who register to play.

You can get 100 free cash shop gems just for making a new account. How do you do acquire them? Simple, just follow the steps below:
1. Like @Age of Warriors App Page
2. Download the game here and get free gems

Bam! You're done. Free gems.

I don't know if that's enough to entice non-mobile players to give the game a go, but it's worth a shot if you were already interested. Age of Warriors is currently available on the iTunes app store for Canadians, for free. The game is launching soon on the American version of the app store soon.

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