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It seems somewhat odd that all the MMOs out there and none of them have really focused on channeling the old-school kung-fu classic theme, with multiple schools of kung-fu and the ability to fight in the air...that is, until now.

The upcoming Age of Wulin is planned to debut for European and American audiences by the end of the first quarter of 2012. The game itself is a gorgeous looking game that fully embraces Chinese mythology and culture, including the ability to fight in the air and over water. Check it out in the gameplay trailer below.

The game itself allows players to create their own martial arts hero and venture across the land completing quests for the dynasty as well as learning new skills from the many different schools of kung-fu scattered across the world map.

As suggested in the video above, PvP plays a big part in the gameplay as well as the ability to scale walls, mountainsides and even treetops. Fighting across and over water is also possible and skill and technique play about as big a part in winning a battle as character stats and item grades. This seems to be the MMO that many martial arts fans have been waiting for.

You can keep up to date on the game or sign-up to participate in the upcoming beta by visiting the Official Website.