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Snail Games' English rendition of Age of Wushu is a noble attempt at localizing a game that was obviously designed for Asian gamers (a lot of the in-game menus seem to be catered toward Chinese gamers) but one thing that is beyond horrendous is the game's UI.

I've been putting in a little time with the game and there have been few games with a UI that's as frustrating as the one in Age of Wushu. Thankfully the company is ditching the UI that very well could have been made for blind people given its awful layout and confusing setup, where clicking around aimlessly would be just as effective as actually trying to learn how to get things done the right way. Yes, the UI is that bad.

The company sent out a comparison screenshot to show the old UI and the new UI improvements, which you can scope out below.

Improved? I think so.

The only other company who used to have UI displays that awful were IGG, usually shortly after the game went through the localization process. I'm not sure why, but after localizing the game for some reason all the menu locations and menu display interfaces were in all the wrong areas and displaying tons of inappropriate information.

Nevertheless, Age of Wushu itself is quite a joy in terms of using a very unique way of developing a character and skills. The only thing I don't like is that you level up faster by NOT playing than you do by playing. Maybe it's different for various schools of kung fu but my current character seems to be getting rather strong the less I log in.

On the upside, the game has no set classes and you can level skills individually as opposed to just stacking “high level” skills. Technically you can go around 1-inch punching people with a starter skill so long as you train it up, which I think is pretty cool. The ability to also practice katas to speed up skill training is awesome and fits in well with the wuxia atmosphere that the game delves into so deeply.

I'm glad they're fixing up, cleaning up, and organizing the UI because that was probably by biggest problem with the game. You can sign-up for the beta of Age of Wushu right now by visiting the Official Website.