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We have more beta keys to hand out for Snail Games' free-to-play MMO, Age of Wushu. The game has garnered a lot of popularity and praise from the gaming community for taking a vastly different approach to the MMO genre and those willing to get in on the action can do so with some early access beta keys.

Snail Games has confirmed that they will not wipe characters from the beta tests, therefor those of you who get in now can create and enjoy the game before it launches next week.

Age of Wushu is a game that has been in the making for years, undergoing lots of refinement and adjustment as it takes a completely different approach to the MMO genre. It does away with traditional levels and level caps and abandons the standard mob grind. Gaining experience or “cultivation points” comes from interacting with other players, participating in daily events or completing random quest encounters.

The other thing the game has going for it is the “player alignment” feature that ranks players as good or evil in the world based on their interactions with other players. For instance, someone who partakes in kidnappings and robberies frequently will probably pick up a pretty rotten alignment with a certain faction or in a certain town. What you do in the game actually plays a part in how you're perceived in the game world, which is pretty cool and a feature that was made popular in War of Angels.

Anyway, for those of you who want to get in on the action and experience some interactive wuxia adventuring, be sure to follow the steps below in retrieving the beta codes and sign-up over on the Official Website. We'll be handing out more codes for Age of Wushu on our Official Facebook Page.

How to retrieve a beta key:

1.) Create an account or login through the home page: http://www.ageofwushu.com/home/
2.) Once you are logged in, click on the box below the rotating splash image labeled “ Deluxe Edition” and has a buy now button.
3.) Click on account activation.
4.) Enter the beta code
Alternatively, you can also access the page by navigating to: http://www.ageofwushu.com/beta/login?f=%2Fbeta%2Factivate