Snail Games has announced that a new expansion pack for Age of Wushu has launched called Forbidden Grounds. The newest expansion for the wuxia-centric, open-world MMORPG brings eight new instances that allow players to acquire the secret scrolls of the schools.

The new instances allow players to acquire the secret scrolls that enables those who complete a successful run to unlock some hidden abilities... kung-fu classic style.

As noted in the press release...
“Take a peek into the landscape that awaits as you journey through the eight school instances. Each instance is uniquely designed to reflect the soul of that school, from the rich environment to the bosses you may face.”

Age of Wushu is a really different kind of MMO. While it may look like your typical Korean-made free-to-play outing, the game, first of all, takes huge pride in its visually captivating take on ancient China. The atmosphere and environments are just undeniably beautiful and the art team did an amazing job with the way everything looks and feels; it feels well into the sub-genre of the zen-type experience, where you could just spend hours getting lost in the gorgeous environments.

The other thing that helps Age of Wushu stand out from the rest of the herd is the combat system. While it's still a clickety-click fest like your standard World of Warcraft-clone, it does something a little bit different by allowing for counter-attacks, blocks, and alternative fighting styles to help you defeat opponents even when, technically, they might be stronger than you. Mixing and matching skills and fighting styles to overcome a challenge is one of the unique elements that help Age of Wushu stand out, head and shoulders from the competition.

In addition to the above, the game sports the ability to defy gravity. While this feature doesn't seem all that exciting at first, it becomes apparent how cool it is when you learn your first anti-gravity skill, which is to float lightly in the air and then you eventually learn to double jump. As you learn the proper skills from the proper master, you eventually unlock the ability to skip across treetops, fight over the surface of water, and scale walls with ease. This opens up the possibility of fighting across rooftops, battling in mid-air and learning new mid-air wuxia attacks.

The game's reliance on balance and counter-balance in every aspect of its design is pretty cool. Also, the experience system, designed around players being able to grow their character from partaking in non-combat skills and activities, such as calligraphy, painting, music or exploration and travel. For those who prefer a bit more meat on their bones, the game also allows for other open world activities, such as kidnappings, bandit raids, escort missions (protecting or attacking) as well as attempting to steal goods from rival schools or patrolling the area as a guard. It's pretty cool.

You can hop into Age of Wushu right now by paying a visit to the game's official website.

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