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If you've been itching to get your hands on the newest MMO from Snail Games that aims to take a lot of the traditional online RPG elements and turn them on their head, you're in luck because Age of Wushu has officially launched, giving gamers an opportunity to experience a wuxia MMO unlike any other.

The game's main focus is on cultivation points. Players will accumulate points based on their experiences throughout the world of Jianghu. As you gain experience from doing...well, anything, you can turn that experience into something useful. So, for instance, if you're fond of traveling a lot but not grinding on mobs, you can gain experience points by getting to hard-to-reach areas or picturesque mountaintops. The experience you gain from this can then be used to meditate on something useful, like upgrading your vitality or practicing a new move to make it stronger by doing a kata.

Age of Wushu further sets itself apart from other MMOs with its alignment meter. Players are encouraged to interact with other players for better or for worse, and even if you're not much into traveling or fighting, you'll gain lots of experience by chatting it up with other players, teaming with them, building relationships or becoming friends (or enemies). Your social status in the game will reflect how the game world thinks about you and will ultimately determine your place in the game's fictional history.

Last but not least...guilds play a major part in the way Jianghu evolves. As mentioned in the article outlining guild functionality, you can join up or create a guild that empowers the people or oppresses them. You can be a guild that focuses on fighting, protecting, stealing, robbing, serving or kidnapping. You're not bound by the standard laws in most other games (except for maybe APB: Reloaded).

You can join up and start playing Age of Wushu right now. And the best part that I didn't even mention is the actual cultivation of kung-fu. The ability to eventually learn how to fly and defy gravity is an awesome option that adds a whole new layer of complexity to both the traveling and especially the combat. You can learn more by paying a visit to the game's Official Website.