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Snail Games has announced that they are opening a fourth server for the popular free-to-play MMORPG, Age of Wushu. Due to high demand the company has been ramping up services for for wuxia-based, martial arts game that sees players experiencing ancient Chinese history in a very different light.

As noted in the press release...
Red Phoenix is launching at 11:00 AM PDT, Saturday, April 13, for all players looking to start fresh from the ashes or are a new player joining the red hot epic in its opening weekend.

All LAUNCH EVENTS planned for White Tiger and Black Tortoise will also go into effect for Red Phoenix as this is a new server coinciding with launch.

What's more is that Age of Wushu has picked up enough recognition to actually get a retail release...yes, a retail release. Snail Games announced previously that the MMO would be available at Gamestop.

The game recently launched digitally for North Americans earlier in the week to a lot of acclaim and fanfare. The thing that makes the game standout from other free-to-play MMOs is that the focus is on the actual player experience rather than the artificial grind to “be the best”. This means that players who go around socializing and helping other players can be just as strong as those who go around spending time grinding on mobs. Players who are also adept explorers could also be just as established or skillfully employed at fighting as those who spend their time robbing other players and attacking escort wagons.

It's an impressive game, especially given the visual prowess of the environments and aesthetics. I doubt the game will win any awards but it's probably one of the most original MMOs out there with such a steep but intriguing learning curve.

You can learn more or sign-up right now to start playing by visiting the Official Age of Wushu Website