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A trailer from one of the older builds of Age of Wushu has been released along with a handful of new screenshots for the game. Age of Wushu is a bit of a revolutionary game that focuses on mastering various kung-fu styles in the age of wuxia.

The game has a very distinct look and feel to it that separates it from many other MMOs out there. The visual art-style and environments look absolutely gorgeous in the game and you can check out some of the gameplay below. Be warned, however, this is from a very, very old build and as noted in the trailer, it doesn't even have English localized text, so...yeah.

Unfortunately, the video doesn't really do the game any justice. Random encounters can be triggered at any point and at random...hence, why they're called random encounters. Sometimes these events will have certain ques that you can follow to activate them, where-as other times you can activate them by interacting with an NPC.

The real highlight of Age of Wushu is the ability to take flight in the game and scale any aspect of the environment; from the highest peaks of the cloud-kissing mountains, to the deepest depths of rocks bathing at the bottom of the sea, no place is off limits in Age of Wushu.

You can check the new screenshots for the game below. Snail Games is currently localizing the game for for English-speaking gamers and it's undergoing limited closed beta testing at the moment. You can learn more by visiting the Official Website.

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