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Snail Games has announced the official release date for Age of Wushu in North America. The game has been in closed beta for quite some time and now gamers can start looking forward to playing the wuxia-based MMO beginning April 10th. In addition to announcing the release date, Snail Games sent out a new gameplay trailer as well.

Tyler Rawlins, Age of Wushu content generation lead at Snail Games commented on the game's release date news, saying...
“Age of Wushu brings an authentic presentation of Chinese martial arts to devoted players, and with its innovative combat, cultivation and offline play, the game creates a unique martial-arts experience,”. “The beta has been a great way to connect with the player community and introduce a real world of Wushu to the Western audience. We received and incorporated an abundance of player feedback during beta and can now announce an official launch date for Age of Wushu.”

The game has already garnered more than 10 million registered users and we've been burning through beta codes pretty quickly as well. While the game has a few hiccups (mostly with its UI and control scheme) it's a very cool game. Check it out below.

Holy snaps that looks good. I was a noob while playing and failed to get as good as the players in that trailer, but you can eventually evolve to Jet Li status, where you can kick butt, take names and eat cheese like a boss.

The whole wire-fu antics is also part of the evolutionary wuxia system that plays an integral part in character growth. Players will have to learn how to defy gravity and the more advanced you get the more moves, counter-moves and aerial attacks you'll be able to pull off. It's a really awesome system.

You can register to play the game right now by paying a visit to the official Age of Wushu website.