Snail Games announced that the second closed-beta test for the martial arts based MMO, Age of Wushu, will be more like an open-beta. The response from the community for the game has been so overwhelming that Snail Games has decided to open the game up to more than just the press and those who pre-ordered the game.

Dick Roberts, EVP of Marketing for Snail Games commented about the rule change, saying...
"During the first Closed Beta, our company was flooded with requests from players around the globe. Each user was desperate to play Age of Wushu and join the adventure," .... "With this trial option, we have found a way to let them experience the game alongside the rest of the world."

For those of you who have no idea what this game is about, it's basically like a mix of old kung-fu classic films and wire-fu. You create a martial artists and roam the land, visiting various kung-fu schools to become a master martial artist. You'll make friends, spawn rivalries and encounter enemies along the way. You'll master the ability to run on and scale walls, run across tree tops and even fight over water. Age of Wushu is a nice divergence from the typical save-the-world, medieval fantasy scheme employed by most other MMORPGs out there.

You can sign-up for the game right now or learn more about the upcoming closed beta test by visiting the official website. The second closed beta is set to get underway next week on December 20th.

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