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The thriller series Alan Wake is the subject of the latest Humble Weekly sale. You can get the Alan Wake Collector's Edition and Alan Wake's American Nightmare on the cheap with no DRM.

In Alan Wake, a best-selling novelist goes on vacation with his wife to cure his writer's block. Upon arriving in Bright Falls, Wake's wife is kidnapped by a mysterious dark force. In order to rescue her, he'll have to defeat the darkness that has taken over the town. The Collector's Edition extends the adventure with two add-ons, "The Signal and "The Writer." Also included are developer commentary videos, the soundtrack and PDF book.

Alan Wake's American Nightmare is set sometime after the original game. Wake is now in a small town in Arizona. He must hunt down Mr. Scratch, his evil doppleganger who is responsible for the dark presence. Nightmare also introduces an arcade mode in which Wake battles waves upon waves of enemies. The soundtrack is included with this game as well.

At its heart, Alan Wake is a third-person shooter. Players must use flashlights and other light sources to weaken the darkness surrounding enemies, and then gun them down. The shooter mechanics are backed up by a spooky storyline crafted by Max Payne writer Sam Lake.

The Humble Weekly Bundle for Wake allows you to pay whatever you want for the games. This money will be split up among developer Remedy Entertainment, Humble Bundle Inc, the Child's Play charity, and Electronic Frontier Foundation. No matter what you pay, you'll get DRM-free copies of each title along with their extras. However, you'll need to pay at least $1 to unlock Steam keys.

Humble Weekly Sales are shorter, smaller discounts meant to supplement the larger Humble Indie Bundles. The first weekly sale was held for Bastion back in March.

If you're hoping this sale is a prelude to an Alan Wake 2 announcement, you might be disappointed. Yesterday Remedy announced that they're developing Quantum Break for Xbox One.