Arrow Direct has a sale going on right now on all AMD notebooks, all of them. You can grab yourself an AMD-powered notebook for 30% off the original price through Arrow Direct. I don't really know if that's such a great deal given that notebooks aren't very reliable for gaming, and Intel absolutely wipes the floor with AMD as far as CPUs go.

Nevertheless, the deal is only good through Tuesday. So this is a pretty limited sales affair and seems kind of out of left field. Still, there are some fairly cheap laptops available with “okay” specs. Such as the Toshiba Satellite that sports a 1ghz AMD C-50 with an 250GB HD and 2GB of RAM for only $240. You'll at least be able to play some games on Steam... on the lowest settings.

Slightly higher up the price chain is an HP Presario, this time sporting an AMD 2.10ghz Brazos Dual Core with an 80GB hard drive and 3GB of RAM. It's available for $392, down from the regular $560 price point.

The list is pretty hefty, and only a few seem to be worth the price of entry. A Toshiba Satellite L505D 2ghz AMD Athlon II with a 320GB hard drive and 3GB of RAM is probably the best on the list, available for only $200. That's a pretty good deal, especially since you get a pre-installed Windows 7 64-bit edition. The only problem is that there's only one left in stock. Bummer. Work fast.

If you miss out on that deal there's another Tohsiba Satellite with a 2ghz AMD Turion 64 X2 with a 200GB hard drive and 2GB of RAM for only $247, down from the regular $345 price point. I mean, that's actually pretty slick for anyone looking for a mobile laptop solution where they can also get in some decent game time with nothing too spec-heavy.

Not everything on the list is peaches and roses, though. A lot of the ones above $500 really don't seem so great based on the price-point. I mean, you could really get yourself an awesome desktop for $500 that's about comparable to an Xbox One if you know where to shop around. Heck, the CyberPowerPC Steam Machine is $500 and will net you a pretty awesome rig with some nice raw performance power.

Keep in mind that none of the computers in the list are all that amazing for any sort of high-end gaming, so if you were planning on throwing down a few hundred bucks for a laptop and decided you want to burn up your aura of awesome with a horror-themed thrill-ride like Outlast or Metro: Last Light on the highest settings, you may have left your head in a cloud reserved for the likes of Mark Cuban or Bill Gates... I would have said Steven Ballmer but he's about to get knocked down a notch on the cloud tier.

Anyway, you might want to hurry if you're really in need of a new laptop. Be warned, I've never actually used Arrow Direct before so I have no idea how reliable they are as far as hardware and service go. Exercise wallet caution.

Take note, though, if you plan to get any of these laptops and use them for any kind of gaming whatsoever, especially with Steam, you will be adding to this somewhat uncomely statistic about the average PC gamer on Steam not being part of the Glorious PC Master Race. Just thought you should know.

Arrow Direct 30% Off Laptop Deal.

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