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Do you still put time into Allods Online? Well if you do there's some good news for you, the Russian-designed MMORPG from gPotato will receive new end-game content that's quite extensive and it's called The Lords of Destiny. The new expansion is scheduled to release this March in multiple regions.

The new expansion introduces new over-world maps for players to continue the storyline that involves the League and the Empire doing battle across the fragmented universe of Sarnaut. In addition to story-expansion, there are brand new raid instances, 8 new allods added to the Astral, and additional pets and customization features.

A new world featuring some cuddly-wuddly called Tequani has also been added...but don't think it's all fun and games.Allods Online is a brutal theme-park style MMO, becoming renown for its open-world PvP encounters between the League and Empire. Trying to complete quests while Gank squads go around killing any and everyone that they can will grate on some players, but it's all part of the role-playing experience.

There was no mention if additional Astral ships have been added, but there are additional astral territories to battle over, so guilds well-equipped with enough ships and armament for guild raids will benefit greatly from the new expansion. You can learn more by paying a visit to the official website.