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Astrum Nival and gPotato announced that Allods Online will be receiving a major update (and slight overhaul) this October. The game will be on the receiving end of a brand new astral continent, two new character classes, revamped zones for all players level 1 – 25, the removal of the fatigue meter and bonus experience per monster killed for lower level players.

As stated in the press release…
The new content delves into the machinations of the Great Mage Tep, whose twisted experiments into immortality transformed a once vibrant and noble people into the withered mechanical constructs known as the Arisen. Now Tep’s oldest stronghold, long hidden in the vast expanse of the Astral, will be dragged into the light for the bravest heroes to explore.

For those of you who don’t know, Allods Online is practically a free-to-play version of World of Warcraft, save the end-game content takes place using player-operated astral ships that are about the size of a large yacht. It takes a full crew of players to operate the ships and as mentioned in the press release, it’s the only way to access a lot of the content in the Astral.

What’s more is that from levels 25 on up, the game is heavily driven by competitive, story-oriented PvP. The console-style combat system also helps ease players from Everquest and Dungeons & Dragons into the play-style with little to no difficulty.

If you’re looking for a sci-fi oriented, fantasy MMO that’s stylishly easy on the eyes and at times visually stunning, all while offering great guild, PvP and end-game content, you really can’t go wrong with Allods Online. You can learn more about the new update, the removal of the fatigue system and the new zones by visiting the Official Website.