North American and European gamers will experiencing some brand new adventures in Sarnaut come October 11th. The release date has been officially set for the latest expansion for Allods Online and it comes with brand new bosses, a survival-area known as the Mausoleum as well as brand new astral bosses and a 20% increase in difficulty for astral ship travel.

As stated in the press release…
Deep in the Astral lies a place of dark legend, where the Great Mage Tep once trapped the souls of the noble Zem people and drained them of all energy and life to feed his evil experiments. Now the Director has seized the Mausoleum of Sparks for an experiment of his own, calling on the bravest warriors to venture deep into the sinister tomb and prove themselves against its ancient threats. Wave upon wave of enemies and elite bosses await, while the souls of Tep’s victims provide health, strength, and defense power-ups to fuel the ruthless warriors.

Allods Online has continually received consistent updates and one of the most compelling aspects of the game only keeps getting better and it’s the astral. While the main game is practically a visually upgraded version of World of Warcraft, the continuous contested zones after level 25 helps to keep the game feeling like a constant battle all the way up to the endgame.

You can play Allods for free, all you need is a gPotato account and to download the client. The Undaunted expansion will be available beginning October 11th. Be sure to visit the Official Website for more info.

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