The second full expansion for gPotato’s Allods Online, The Rise of Gorluxor, is about to go live and a new launch trailer has appeared to commemorate the milestone. Of course, in addition to the game’s second volume launch trailer going live, the expansion itself has gone live today, as well.

The second volume adds a number of big changes to the game, including revamped skills, talents and rubies for almost every class and archetype on the game. New animation sets, improved animation sets and modified interaction with the mounts have been added. The astral has been slightly overhauled with brand new allods, and the navigation has been made easier so newbie astral pilots will be able to take their crew out into astral and not get lost for hours on end, fighting endless hordes of astral demons.

Of course, the biggest upgrade is the expansion of Gorluxor’s tower, which now includes the great mage himself, Gorluxor. You can scope out how Gorluxor looks in the official launch trailer below. To learn more about Allods Online be sure to visit the Official Website

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