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America's Army: Proving Ground

The latest edition of US Army's official video game America's Army will be launching later this year. This weekend the developers put out a call for beta testers to help refine America's Army: Proving Ground.

America's Army first debuted in 2002 on the PC. Subsequent games have been released on since spread to consoles, arcades and mobile devices. The Unreal Engine-powered shooter series aims to present a realistic (or realistic-ish) depiction of warfare. Players can die from one or two shots and need to work as a team to emerge victorious. The series' realism has been the focus of much praise.

The series is developed internally by the United States Army. They're meant as recruitment and public relations tools - a mission that isn't without controversy. In order to get the games into as many players' hands as possible, the Army gives them away for free.

The last major entry in the series, America's Army 3 was released back in 2009. An update is definitely overdue. The shooter genre is so competitive and visually-intensive that a 2009 release can feel ancient.

You can register for the game's beta at AmericasArmy.com. The full list of platforms hasn't been announced. If nothing else, it'll be on PC.