The hydraulic-pumping, aqueduct racing, American metal, mean machine lowrider simulator appropriately titled American Lowriders has rolled onto the Steam Greenlight and it's looking for some upvotes, some comments and a little bit of pimp love.

The game sports 12 American made driving machines, including Impalas, Monte Carlos and classic Buicks. Players will pimp their ride with some high-gloss paint jobs, some decal work and a whole lot of attention to detail on the rims. Give it a looksy in the new trailer below.

It reminds me of a stripped down version of Midnight Club; that's not necessarily a bad thing, especially if American Lowriders has a small price tag to boot. The four locations and additional maps could be the only drawback. Also, the game doesn't necessarily say if it has a multiplayer feature or not. It would be pretty lame if you couldn't show off your ride to other friends or rivals.

PlayWay's car customization racing title has recently joined the Greenlight process so don't expect to see it on the Steam store anytime soon, unless of course you bury the page in a plethora of votes. You can learn more or check out some snazzy screenshots of the game's hydraulic blasting antics over at the official Steam Greenlight page.

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