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Frictional Games released update 1.2 for their horror game Amnesia: The Dark Descent today. It adds, among other things, an add-on called "Justine."

In Amnesia, players control a young man who wakes up in a Prussian castle with no memory of how he got there. He can remember, though, that he's being hunted by something. The game doesn't give you weapons so you're forced to run and hide from the castle's monsters. Furthermore, spending time in the shadows and looking at monsters and other horrific things will slowly drain your character's sanity.

"Justine" is a new standalone level for the game. It was released through Steam as part of the "Potato Sack" Potato Sack promotion. This will be the first time that Steam abstainers will be able to try out the new content, though.

Update 1.2 also comes with a collection of short stories set in Amnesia's world. The stories were penned by the game's writer and illustrated by its concept artists. Frictional Games says the stories will "answer some of your questions about our universe, but also have you come up with a few new ones."

It wouldn't be a proper patch, though, without a few bug fixes thrown in. Update 1.2's got plenty of those. The full details can be found at Frictional's website.