An Oscar-Winning Performance From The Silver Surfer

There’s danger, intrigue, confusion and a little bit of air-surfing action in the new trailer for the Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer. The top-tier mediocre super-hero team returns in a video game that brings along a new companion who’s very silver and very naked. Still, this teaser trailer–containing heart-wretching displays of emotion and Oscar-caliber face expressions–should prove to be just enough to get the comic-book fanboys excited.

The Silver Surfer, though, is a bit more looks and hype rather than substance and depth. Yeah, we see him and think “Aw cool, a completely bare-assed guy draped in silver, riding a surfboard!” But then, after a little deliberation and the obvious thought-provoking question of how he goes to the bathroom, there’s the obligatory need to forget all about the Surfer.

I'm sure the only reason no one can forget the guy right now is because the general-audience picture to the right is on the verge of becoming NC-17. Well...maybe with another inch or two. Still, Silver Surfer's personality is about as memorable as Val Kilmer's portrayal of Batman. And now some of you are asking, "Val who?" Yeah, that's exactly my point.

Nevertheless, hopefully 2K Games can breathe enough content into the game (and characters) to ensure that the Rise of the Silver Surfer is more than just a candy bag of graphics and iconic names. But rather, hopefully 2K can pull off with the new Fantastic Four game what Activision did with Marvel Ultimate Alliance. Regardless of whether the game will be good or not, you can view the teaser trailer below and look for the game to hit major console systems this summer.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.