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Whether you’re a good angel or a bad angel there are a ton of new maps, each with their own thematic elements and artistic layout. The newest expansion is called the Primordial Paradise and brand new items, weapons and goodies have been added to the game, if you’re into that sort of stuff.

In addition to all that new stuff, some of the character classes have also undergone some improvements, as stated in the press release…
The Primordial Paradise expansion is not just about new locations, equipment and quests. It also added a series of new skills that will help players overcome the many new and deadly experiences that await them. These ancient skills are the true legacy of warriors who fought during ages lost to history. Passed down to the battle-tested natives, these skills encompass many different styles of combat.

For those of you who don’t know, Angels Online is a 2D based casual MMORPG that IGG hosts. The game features all the basic grinding, PvP and social structures that you would expect from a F2P MMO. You can check out the game and the new Primordial Paradise Expansion by visiting the Official Website.