You know how sometimes you just wish you could get away from all the monster hitting, the experience grinding and the skill leveling? Well, the Angels Online team has created such a “heavenly” place, and players are invited to attend the Shining Coast resort party.

Located just west of Puqi Island, Shining Coast boasts some snazzy environments, some kick butt new monsters and, most importantly, a new NPC fruit vendor. Seriously, you know you need some good fruit before girding up your sword and taking it to some ugly-faced crabs.

Shining Coast Resort Features

Monsters Introduction
Puqi Pirate Leader: They always appear at night. They are strong and carry sharp weapons. They have badly intimidated the safety of travelers.

Puqi Pirate: These notorious pirates appear with their Puqi Pirate Leaders to do wrong together. Players can collect a black pirate hood from the head of each pirate.

Crab General: The environment here is well protected so there are many vicious crabs that have hard shells and powerful attack abilities.

NPCs Introduction
Dock Oldman: He always goes fishing at the sea’s edge and also takes charge of cleaning the beach. He hopes that people can help him to keep the beach clean.

Lad Staney: He is really skilled at swimming and diving. If you would like to learn something about the diving, he is always ready to help.

Mouther: He is the famous fruit merchant here. His fruit is cheap but delicious and he operates his business honestly. If you can help him finish a wish, you may obtain a wonderful surprise from him.

Labeled as the Atlantis of the Angels Online universe, gamers can relish in the new experiences for the game by taking a trip to the island. In addition to this news, some new screenshots have been released. You can check them out below. For more information on Angels Online be sure to check out the Main Website. For more gaming news, updates and info, be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games.

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