Rovio is trying to get a little more experimental with their next game. Instead of simply churning out another Angry Birds, they've decided to make a game called Bad Piggies that lets you play as the villainous green pigs.

In Angry Birds, players used a slingshot to shoot birds at green pigs hidden in structures. It's not clear how they'll flip that formula around for Bad Piggies. The pigs will be antagonizing the birds in some fashion but Rovio says there won't be any slingshots involved.

Bad Piggies will debut on iOS, Android and Mac on September 27th. Windows 8 and PC versions are planned for a later date. Assuming sales are strong, Rovio will probably bring the game to even more platforms. Angry Birds, for example, is also available on Facebook, PS3, and Xbox 360 among other places.

The first teaser trailer for Piggies is below. It shows pigs raining down on a bird. That may be a hint at the sort of gameplay we can expect.

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