Rovio Mobile showed off the very first gameplay footage from Bad Piggies today. If you were just expecting Angry Birds with the pigs and birds switching roles, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

The objective in Bad Piggies is to help the pigs traverse a level. You do this by developing a custom vehicle for them. These land or air vehicles are cobbled together with a variety of parts that you assign in a grid-like construction screen.

I was skeptical that Rovio would be able to make another game as cleverly simple as Angry Birds. Piggies' premise has potential, though. It retains the perverse joy you get from watching things go splat in Angry Birds, while adding an additional creative element on top of it. This could be a very engrossing game, if the execution is solid.

You won't have to wait long to try Piggies. It's set to arrive on iOS, Android, PC and Mac on September 27th.

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